This one is a tall order.  We've all heard the big networks spin the fact that they are providing "Fair and Balanced" coverage and "No Bias, No Bull" reporting.  Sure. Right. Well, in the world of technology, is it reasonable to expect otherwise?  Real, unbiased news? I don't think so.

For example, I love what the guys at are doing.  The TWIT network is probably the biggest, most impactful next-generation "network" online.  But can we say it is unbiased?  Not in my opinion.  But, is that all bad?

Here is one example of why I make this assertion:

In a recent LA Times news post, TWIT founder Leo Laporte shared his thoughts about Twitter, the social media phenomenon.  Author David Sarno writes "The more he [Leo] talked about Twitter on his show, the more followers he accrued — and the more publicity he gave his brand rival."  Then he quotes Leo as saying " 'I thought, jeez, I’m building value in this company that is ultimately vying for my trademark,' he said recently via phone. 'So I left.' "

So, here is the point.  When we listen to or read news, even tech news, is it reasonable to think we can be getting an unbiased view?  I'm not picking on Leo and TWIT - his position makes a lot of business sense.  But, given such a position, there is clearly bias involved.  In fact, one of the reasons I like TWIT is because I like hearing the contributors voice their biases and have good, solid debate on the tech issues.  Without bias, it would just be boring!


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