imagesWell, Skype for iPhone is here, at long last.  This could be a big deal.  For those who don't know, skype allows users to chat via voice or text (or video if using a computer and not an iPhone).  The big development is that now iPhone users can connect to other iPhone users using Skype instead of normal mobile phone voice-to-voice connections.  So, this means that as an iPhone user in the US I could talk to another iPhone user in the UK and not pay international mobile phone rates.  Great!

Skype for iPhone is less of a big deal for domestic-to-domestic users in the US because AT&T already allows those calls to take place without depleting minutes (since all US iPhones are running on AT&T's network - unless you've been breaking the rules!).

I tried it out and was able to have an iPhone to PC conversation with a relative, no problem.  The connection was clear and it sounded just as if I had made  a phone call using the normal dialing method.  So, there is some potential here.  Try it out.  It's free, after all.

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