Amazon recently started shipping the 3rd version of its Kindle book reader, the DX.  The draw: the HUGE 9.7" screen.  Compared to both the original Kindle and the Kindle 2, the reading experience on the DX is....."WOW!".  The DX natively supports .pdf files and it can even read out loud to you using its built in text-to-speech function.  At $489 it's a bit pricey, but if you love to read, the DX is by far the best Kindle yet.

Battery life is great, and the native .pdf support is a nice feature.  However, I've seen the DX behave a little strangely when paging through .pdf files.  In some cases, the device will crash and automatically re-start.  In order to prevent this, I've had to remove the problem .pdf.  I hope that this is something Amazon wil be addressing with a soon-to-come software update.