As you have been browsing the web, you may have noticed those little icons that appear on your web browser's tab (as above) or next the website addresses on your address bar. These little images are called Favicons.  They aren't very big, but they can come in very handy, especially if you use a browser that supports tabbed browsing.  These Favicons provide handy visual cues as you switch between tabs.  

Many are asking what it takes to create these nifty little icons.  Well, there are complex methods that you can use in Adobe Photoshop or the opensource image editor, GIMP.  But, by far, the simplest method I have come across is the favicon.ico Generator.  This little tool allows you to either draw a favicon right on the site, or you can upload an existing image and have it converted to the proper favicon format.

Once you have the icon generated, you'll need to upload it into the root directory of your site.  Once there, it just takes some simple html to make the icon appear.  If you are using WordPress, as I am, there is a great plugin called "Shockingly Simple Favicon"  that you can use.  

These little icons come in handy, and it doesn't take much to create them.  So, if you're building a new site or blog,  you may want to try one out.

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