Accessories for the Voodoo Envy 133 are finally available here.  If you read the Envy vs. MacBook Air comparison, then you know one of the great things about the Envy is that you can swap out the battery.  For an ultraportable in this class, this capability is a big deal.  Well, now you can order those extra batteries and work-away on the road without being limited to one battery.  Additionally, you can now order extra eSata DVD-RW drives, HDMI-VGA adapters, and Ethernet-enabled power bricks for the Envy.  So far, it looks like the only accessory you can't order is the very nice microfiber sleeve that the Envy ships in.  But, I guess we can live with that! Voodoo Envy 133 owners will be very happy to see these products now available for order.

This post by Tony Pittman - tony@getthenext.com