If you plan on becoming, or staying, relevant in business, Twitter better be on your radar screen.  If you don’t know what Twitter is, you’d better learn fast. And, if you know what Twitter is but you don’t think it’s something you need to concern yourself with.  Think again.

Come on, we saw Twitter play a major role in the Presidential Election – Barack Obama amassed the largest Twitter following of all time as he raced toward the White House.  As of this writing, he has 328,764 followers, which is #1!  He is ahead of CNN, The New York Times, and even Britney Spears and MC Hammer, who rank #5 and #23 respectively.  Finally, if you watched the February 24, 2009, Presidential address to Congress, you may have noted commentators talking about how many congressional representatives were seen “Twittering” during the address.  Come on, if those folks get it, shouldn’t everybody? Do you use Twitter to reach your valued associates and constituencies? your customers?


About six months ago I introduced Twitter to a group of people I know.  Many of them checked it out.  Some of them signed up.  But just about all of them ended up “dropping out”, as we say.  Well, since then, we’ve seen Twitter become a true force in business, and I hope that traditional businesses, especially traditional media companies, don’t continue to miss the boat.  Twitter represents the new paradigm for how people will be reached.  No longer is Twitter just a tool for standard cell phones and teenagers.  iPhone and PC applications now vastly expand on the impact Twitter can have.  Don’t get caught out in the cold on this one.  Get in the loop and join in.  And, while you are at it, don’t’ forget to follow @tonypittman.  


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