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Police buy your phone records, and no one knows how often?  And my blog entry on this.


  • Security Scam: Don’t fall for this:  “Hey, we know you care about security, and so do we! Don’t click on links is emails--that’s not secure. We recommend for security purposes that you cut and paste this link into your browser to avoid contracting a virus--or worse!”
    • Ummmm.... ouch.
  • Google Search.  Are you surprised by how many people don’t know how to search?  Apparently Google is working to help that with an educational program.  IT’s geared for educators, but that doesn’t mean every day, Real People” can learn from the lessons they provide.  It’s called “Google Search Education” and is available here: http://www.google.com/insidesearch/searcheducation/index.html
    • Four (plus) quick tips:
      • Every Word Matters
      • Order Matters
      • Capitalization does NOT matter
      • Punctuation does NOT matter
        • with exceptions... $ # C# C++ Google+
  •  Let’s talk LinkedIn.  It kind of flies under the radar, and so we (I) don’t give it the critical glance, but it has its own quirky UI problems.  A few questions from a listener:

·         I hate that the entire world gets an email with any edit I make. Never my intention. Is there a way to do so without it sending a “So in so made an update to their Linkedin acct…”?

·         When I am trying to send an invite sometimes it is difficult or am I slow?

·         Edits sometimes seem cumbersome.


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