The Kindle 2 is here.  And, now another great ingredient gets added to the Kindle recipe - Kindle for iPhone.  If you already have Kindle and an iPhone, this free application is a must.  If you have either a Kindle or an iPhone, but not both, you may want to now complete the pairing.  

Kindle for iPhone allows you to buy readable content from the Amazon Kindle store right from your phone.  If you have a Kindle, the app allows you to synch your content across both devices.  Amazon calls it Whispersynch.  And, even better, both devices keep track of pages you have read in your books.  So, if you are standing in line somewhere and have a few minutes to get some reading done on your phone, the next time you fire up your Kindle, it will know what page you left off on.  The reading experience spans both devices very well.  I've actually tried it.  It works!

Amazon made a great move allowing the Kindle experience to make it onto the iPhone.  The Kindle is CLEARLY the better device for reading books.  But, adding the iPhone capability to the pie will allow avid readers to enjoy their content even more.  So, in the end, this should give the Kindle even more momentum.  Reading is fundamental...again!

This post by Tony Pittman - tony@getthenext.com