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THIS IS GOING TOO FAR!!! http://torrentfreak.com/anti-piracy-patent-prevents-students-from-sharing-books-120610/

Canadians listen in to conversations at the airport. “Canadian airport to bug travelers' conversations”  Do we give them too big a “pass” because they seem so polite?  Does no one remember the KGB?

Google Chromebooks are “not out there.”  Is that an issue? Or is this “something bigger?”

Microsoft punches HP and Dell in the gut? http://www.businessinsider.com/microsoft-hp-dell-surface-partners-2012-6

More signs of the death of disk media. Windows 8 will not play DVD’s:  Windows 8 Tip: Play DVD Movies (if you must!)

NCR's wireless ATM gets your cash without a debit card.  Misleading headline, it helps YOU get YOUR cash.  And it doesn’t use NFC.  Interesting twist--and creative use of QR codes.  Safer, or not?

Switchcam:  User footage drives a new way to watch events.  Adobe first showed a technology like this last year, but this beat them to market...

“it’s attracted investment from one of the biggest names in video, raising $1.2 million in a seed round led by Dallas Mavericks owner, HDNet founder, and billionaire Mark Cuban. But he’s not alone: 500 Startups, Turner MediaCamp, Vikas Gupta, David Beyer, Jeffrey Schox, Niket Desai, and Reed Morse also participated in the round.”

Your room as a camera? New Scientist says yes... it’s just a pinhole camera with a REALLY LARGE pinhole!  “Turn any room into a camera obscura to help forensics

TIPS:  Consider Google’s 2-step verification for added security.  But, *WARNING*


Tony: Instacast for iPhone...but *NOT* for iPad. Steve:  Go Launcher for Android


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