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DIGG sells for $500K.  Once valued at $160M, the mighty have fallen. What killed them? Recommendations from people you know not “the crowd” (among other things)

Microsoft says to disable Sidebar and Widgets.  Apparently a security concern...

Kill Shot?  You may or may not remember Steve ranting Consipracy Theory style about the “kill shot” from the sun... but hey, we have a big storm heading our way!  It’s the biggest one of the summer, and bigger than the one last week, but not the kill shot.

Would you recommend buying a PC?  PC Sales Are Flat-Lining

Unlock-PDF Ever find the need to pull a quote (or quotes) from a PDF but it isn’t OCR’d?  And when you go to OCR it, you find it is protected?  This website helps with that. http://www.unlock-pdf.com/

Hello Fax:

  • Free, (sort of) PER MONTH.  Here’s the “small print” 5 Fax pages free (total)Then 99 cents / fax, No fax number, Unlimited Signed emails, 5 Signature requests free (total)
  • For $4.99 a month you get a fax number (to receive faxes) and can send 50 faxes a month--and a 30 day free trial!

PICKS: Steve: PhotoIRMote  Control your DSLR camera remotely, using IR signals. (The IR Transmitter has to be built yourself, but it’s crazy-simple.) Tony: CSR Racing - Fun. But, can get expensive!  (Free, but in-app purchases “required”)


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