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Get _ GV Mobile

Google Voice Mobile (GV Mobile) is the perfect iPhone companion app for Google Voice.   But can't get it anymore?  Nice move, Apple.

Luckily, I got my copy of GV Mobile before Apple banned it from the App Store.  Their claim: GV Mobile duplicates existing phone functionality.  Well, so does the Skype app.  What's the real reason, Apple?  This is lame.

Get _ Interested in Google Chrome OS

Introducing the Google Chrome OS


On July 7, 2009, Google announced its plan to to get into the PC operating system game.  It's about time!

It's very clear who Google is aiming at.

Google says that people "... want their computers to always run as fast as when they first bought them."  Imagine that, Microsoft!

Google also says that people "...don't want to spend hours configuring their computers to work with every new piece of hardware, or have to worry about constant software updates."  Again, imagine that!

It's about time a major technology player took the bull by the horns and addressed many of the Wintel platform shortcomings.  Sure, Apple has made a dent in the Wintel near-monopoly, but now Google is entering the battle as a another pure-play software alternative to Microsoft and the many (failed) Linux-based desktop alternatives.

Can anyone truly make computing easy without having to own the hardware and software platforms together?  Well, if anyone can, maybe it's Google.  We'll see.

Get The Next_ Google Voice



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I have been a user of Grand Central for about a year now, and have loved it. It lets me give out one number, and route calls to any, or all, or my phones simultaneously.  When I answer one phone, it connects the call to that number.

It provided not only a voicemail system, but an opportunity to record a call, and even download the voicemail or recording for later use (even as podcasts!)   Oh, and just like a regular answering machine in your house, there is an option to screen the call, listen as it records the voicemail, and jump in if it is “critical.”

Well, Google bought them (a while ago) and just today announced they are remaking it as “Google Voice.”

I have just converted to the new account, and Aaron over on Twitter (@aaronaiken) politely tested it with me.  He called, and I let it go to voice mail.  

I watched as it first delivered the mail to the webpage inbox, and was immediately available to listen to, and download.

Then, after 2 minutes, provided the coolest new feature:


Yup, you read that right.  His voicemail was converted to text.  The darker the text in the display, the more confident the automated conversion system was of the words.  Here is a graphic of the actual voicemail.

First txt from Voicemail in Google VoiceAs you can see it was pretty confident.  And honestly, it should be.  It got most of the grey words correct as well.  I am sure “your mileage may vary” but it was quite good!  Perhaps most interesting, it deleted out all the “verbal pauses.”

I hope to be testing out other features later today–so be on the lookout for a podcast, recorded using Google Voice, and the new “conference Call” feature!

One more thing:  If you haven’t yet, please consider helping my son get to water polo camp.  Even a simple one, or two, dollar donation would be great!

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Get The Next _ 411


Stop paying your phone service provider for 411 information! With Google's new 411 service, you can access directory assistance for free.  And, it's probably better than what your current provider offers for a fee.  You just dial 1-800-GOOG-411.  Then, you can either say the city & state you need help with, or use your keypad to enter a ZIPcode.  The service can then connect you to the business or individual you are looking to, for free.  Or, you can have the results sent to your phone via text message.  You can EVEN have a Google Map layout of your result sent to you.  Very nice.  Leave it to Google to reinvent yet another stale servicee.  411.  Check it out here.

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