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Real Tech 128 - It's Built In

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Nestle taps GPS tracking in modern Willy Wonka contest | Crave - CNET Golden Ticket? I WANT ONE! Now, I definitely want to break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar!

Microsoft's Office 365 Home Premium to cost $99.99 annually per subscription - Computerworld  $99.99 a year for up to 5 machines. NICE.


Duplicati: Interesting back up solution, using a "bring your own storage" aspect to secure, encrypted backup.

LifeHacker’s “Complete Guide to going Paperless” DocuSign - try it


Steve:  CutePDF Writer Tony: The WHITE iPhone 5

Tips, Picks, and More!


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Real Tech 120 - Technical Difficulties

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DIGG sells for $500K.  Once valued at $160M, the mighty have fallen. What killed them? Recommendations from people you know not “the crowd” (among other things)

Microsoft says to disable Sidebar and Widgets.  Apparently a security concern...

Kill Shot?  You may or may not remember Steve ranting Consipracy Theory style about the “kill shot” from the sun... but hey, we have a big storm heading our way!  It’s the biggest one of the summer, and bigger than the one last week, but not the kill shot.

Would you recommend buying a PC?  PC Sales Are Flat-Lining

Unlock-PDF Ever find the need to pull a quote (or quotes) from a PDF but it isn’t OCR’d?  And when you go to OCR it, you find it is protected?  This website helps with that.

Hello Fax:

  • Free, (sort of) PER MONTH.  Here’s the “small print” 5 Fax pages free (total)Then 99 cents / fax, No fax number, Unlimited Signed emails, 5 Signature requests free (total)
  • For $4.99 a month you get a fax number (to receive faxes) and can send 50 faxes a month--and a 30 day free trial!

PICKS: Steve: PhotoIRMote  Control your DSLR camera remotely, using IR signals. (The IR Transmitter has to be built yourself, but it’s crazy-simple.) Tony: CSR Racing - Fun. But, can get expensive!  (Free, but in-app purchases “required”)


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Real Tech 118 - It's The Experience

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Google IO: Keynote:

Chrome, Google Drive coming to iPhone and iPad today

YouTube for Android Lets You Watch Videos Offline Totally awesome.

Google Maps:  Now you can store the maps offline. Can you say “Geocaching”?

Google+ Event scheduler and sharing!

Vizio announces their GoogleTV box - the Vizio Co-Star.  $99.99 and free shipping if ordered in July.

Apple wins Injunction to stop Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in US. Funny-I can tell the difference.


Facebook adds “Close Friends”


Tony:  Podcasts.  

Steve: CamScanner

Josh : WAZE for IOS


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Real Tech 117- Times Are Changin'

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Canadians listen in to conversations at the airport. “Canadian airport to bug travelers' conversations”  Do we give them too big a “pass” because they seem so polite?  Does no one remember the KGB?

Google Chromebooks are “not out there.”  Is that an issue? Or is this “something bigger?”

Microsoft punches HP and Dell in the gut?

More signs of the death of disk media. Windows 8 will not play DVD’s:  Windows 8 Tip: Play DVD Movies (if you must!)

NCR's wireless ATM gets your cash without a debit card.  Misleading headline, it helps YOU get YOUR cash.  And it doesn’t use NFC.  Interesting twist--and creative use of QR codes.  Safer, or not?

Switchcam:  User footage drives a new way to watch events.  Adobe first showed a technology like this last year, but this beat them to market...

“it’s attracted investment from one of the biggest names in video, raising $1.2 million in a seed round led by Dallas Mavericks owner, HDNet founder, and billionaire Mark Cuban. But he’s not alone: 500 Startups, Turner MediaCamp, Vikas Gupta, David Beyer, Jeffrey Schox, Niket Desai, and Reed Morse also participated in the round.”

Your room as a camera? New Scientist says yes... it’s just a pinhole camera with a REALLY LARGE pinhole!  “Turn any room into a camera obscura to help forensics

TIPS:  Consider Google’s 2-step verification for added security.  But, *WARNING*


Tony: Instacast for iPhone...but *NOT* for iPad. Steve:  Go Launcher for Android


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Real Tech 115 - Fiber Opticals

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GVOICE--Still Rocks it!  Reasons to like Google Voice?  Spam Filtering, and now the feature to force “UNKNOWN” callers to say their names. BTW, it’s always had the ability to “BLOCK” callers, which essentially gives the caller the tones and message that the number is disconnected.

Verizon FiOS doubling speeds, effective JUNE.  Yup--the 35MB plan is going to 75MB Downloads, and the current 65MB plan?  Either 150 or 300!!

Cricket offers iPhone for $55/month.  Even better, it’s an “everything plan.”   Down side?  You have to buy the phones “Cricket Wireless, the prepaid subsidiary of Leap, has just announced the availability of the iPhone 4 and 4S on its network. When they go on sale June 22nd, a 16GB 4S will set you back $500, while an 8GB 4 clocks in at a slightly more affordable $400.”  Oh... and unlimited?  “ (in this case, 2.3GB of data)”

Optical Drives Barely Hanging On: Even the game consoles may shed optical drives soon.

Try Windows 8:

How Do Credentials Change as Education Goes Online? Stanford and Khan Academy Respond. Stanford President John Hennessy and Khan Academy founder Salman Khan are coming at online education from very different angles — one is an elite institution being shaken up by experiments, the other is a widely loved upstart


Tony: Hyper Juice Plug - updated version of previously picked Hyper Juice Mini:

Steve: Chrome Extension “AddThis-Share and Bookmark”  Think how great sharing is on the Android, but now available in your browser. Great :)


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Real Tech 114 - Let's Get Linked...In

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Police buy your phone records, and no one knows how often?  And my blog entry on this.


  • Security Scam: Don’t fall for this:  “Hey, we know you care about security, and so do we! Don’t click on links is emails--that’s not secure. We recommend for security purposes that you cut and paste this link into your browser to avoid contracting a virus--or worse!”
    • Ummmm.... ouch.
  • Google Search.  Are you surprised by how many people don’t know how to search?  Apparently Google is working to help that with an educational program.  IT’s geared for educators, but that doesn’t mean every day, Real People” can learn from the lessons they provide.  It’s called “Google Search Education” and is available here:
    • Four (plus) quick tips:
      • Every Word Matters
      • Order Matters
      • Capitalization does NOT matter
      • Punctuation does NOT matter
        • with exceptions... $ # C# C++ Google+
  •  Let’s talk LinkedIn.  It kind of flies under the radar, and so we (I) don’t give it the critical glance, but it has its own quirky UI problems.  A few questions from a listener:

·         I hate that the entire world gets an email with any edit I make. Never my intention. Is there a way to do so without it sending a “So in so made an update to their Linkedin acct…”?

·         When I am trying to send an invite sometimes it is difficult or am I slow?

·         Edits sometimes seem cumbersome.


Tony:  Tango - Free video calls.  All platforms.  All networks (4G, 3G, Wi-Fi)