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Get The Next _ iPod Shuffle (Maybe?)

ipodshuffle Apple just released the third generation of it's iPod Shuffle.  The iPod Shuffle has always been a bit of a hard sell because it lacks a display.  For some, this means a frustrating experience - how do you know what song you are listening to?  What's coming next?

Well, for this generation, Apple has taken steps to address this major drawback.  This new iPod Shuffle has the ability to TALK to you.  Using the controls integrated into the headphones, you can ask the Shuffle to tell you what song you are listening to or what playlist you are listening to.  Does this completely make up for the fact that there is no display? No, of course not.  But it does make the iPod Shuffle a more compelling product.  For $79, it's not a bad deal, and you get 4GB of memory - about 1,000 songs.  

And, last of all, it is SMALL, very small.  Your biggest issue might be figuring out how to not lose it!

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